The future of minimally invasive therapy.

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Minimally invasive therapy - without compromises.

The CT-guided therapy device TACT is an innovative solution from the RAYDIAX team at the Magdeburg Research Campus STIMULATE. With the TACT-CT we provide a system that is, for the first time, completely and uncompromisingly tailored to the requirements of the minimally invasive therapy. The dedicated intervention hardware and software enable safe, intuitive, and efficient procedures for patients, physicians, and hospital employees. Compared to conventionally used systems, the RAYDIAX TACT computed tomography device stands out with:
We are always open-minded for gathering opinions and ideas from various renowned stakeholders to deliver a high-end, sustainable solution. Whether you want to share your needs as a physician or a hospital manager or you believe RAYDIAX is going to broaden your portfolio as an investor, we are happy to talk to you.